Recent stuff in cancer research

I have seen a few different things in the news and in support groups about cancer research recently.  There were 3 particular studies that have stood out for me.  Right now I can only remember 2 of them but hopefully before I finish this post I will remember what the third one was about.

The big thing in cancer research in Canada in the past week was the show on CBC called Cracking Cancer (sorry, the only link I could find does not allow the show to be viewed outside of Canada).  It was hosted by David Suzuki and it followed several patients that Continue reading

Brain MRI result

Doh……I forgot this bit.  And the last post was so long I decided just to make a separate post.

Brain MRI is clear!!  Yay!

I dread the thought of having something pop up on my brain.  Sadly, it isn’t even because I don’t want anything growing in my brain but because I don’t want to go back on the horrid dexamethasone that is used to control swelling during brain radiation and keep side

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Yippee, Anti-Coagulants

This was going to be a quick post about the brain MRI results that I keep forgetting about.  Instead, while I was hanging out with Mom on Wednesday I received a call from the Pain and Symptom Clinic to reschedule my appointment I have next week to the other doctor (may he be a good one).  The nurse also told me she thinks that the referral to the Anti-Coagulation Clinic has finally gone through so I should get a call from them in the next couple of days.  Within minutes of hanging up the phone it rang again.  This time it was the Anti-Coagulation Clinic.

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Not quite puppies and kittens

I saw my oncologist last Thursday and I told her about my experience at the Pain and Symptom Clinic consult.  I started with the bit about not getting any medals.  Let’s just say she was a little stunned that a doctor would say that to anyone.  I suspect that she didn’t want to believe me but she knows me well enough to know I wouldn’t make something like that up.

I told her the rest and she said she would talk to the nurse that I knew that had been at the Continue reading

Capecitabine cycle #1 done

I wasn’t quite sure where to go with this post.  I was planning to do a quick catch up on how things have gone since I completed my 1st set of Capecitabine pills and I am finishing up my week off.  Then I had an appointment yesterday that really did not go the way I expected.

This is the post I will share on Facebook as I am going to keep it focussed on how treatment has been.  That is the most important stuff.  I am going to write another post discussing yesterday’s appointment and if you want to read about it and probably see me Continue reading

I’m not winning any trophies 😢

So this is the random post that is about an appointment I had yesterday.

Last time I saw my oncologist she was feeling bad about how quickly the TDM-1 failed me.  I’m not sure if I had posted this previously, but she told me that she has been disappointed in some of the results she has seen amongst her own patients that have been on TDM-1.  The patients that moved directly from Herceptin to TDM-1 after a treatment failure often had long-term success of 1-2 years.  Patients that switched from the Herceptin/Pertuzumab combo, the last combo I was on, my onc has only seen 1 patient of Continue reading

New Blog Home


I have been thinking about moving my blog to its own dedicated URL for a little while now.  Partly it just feels like it is time to make my blog feel more official, but I am also thinking about getting more involved in advocacy work for MBC so having my own website helps give a sense of professionalism……even if I most of my blogging is done in the middle of  the night in my pj’s.  In front of the tv…….eating bon bons. Continue reading