2 steps forward, 1 step back

Or maybe 1 1/2 steps back, I’m really not sure.

My current pill schedule is 2 weeks on, 1 week off the Capecitabine and the Lapatinib I take daily.  I started my week off Capecitabine a week ago Friday – the 10th of March.  Everything seemed fine, but on Sunday or Monday I started to notice the lump at my neck was bothering me a little bit.  Up to that point I knew the lump was there, I could feel it and feel it pressing on my neck tendon but it wasn’t hugely disturbing.  The area started to

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Capecitabine cycle #1 done

I wasn’t quite sure where to go with this post.  I was planning to do a quick catch up on how things have gone since I completed my 1st set of Capecitabine pills and I am finishing up my week off.  Then I had an appointment yesterday that really did not go the way I expected.

This is the post I will share on Facebook as I am going to keep it focussed on how treatment has been.  That is the most important stuff.  I am going to write another post discussing yesterday’s appointment and if you want to read about it and probably see me Continue reading

Riding a Roomba, or what a difference a week makes

My last post, a whopping 10 days ago, left off with my comments about the lymphedema in my right arm and how much it bothers me. Since then things have gotten a tad more adventurous.
The motion in my shoulder has been somewhat limited pretty much since all the swelling started back in March. When I mentioned the decreased mobility at an oncology appointment a little while ago one of the annoying substitutes I had said that isn’t Continue reading

The Results are In…..

Last Monday, Leap Year Day, I saw my radiation oncologist to get my MRI results. Ian had the day off so  he came with me. It was the first time he had met my rad onc. We seemed to spend a long time twiddling our thumbs but it turned out my onc had a resident with her and any time there is teaching going on things just take longer. Fine with me, we need the newbies so they are ready to replace the oldies.
When my rad onc came in the exam room the first thing she said that the MRI was showing the skull lesion as being mostly stable with minor shrinkage away from the lining Continue reading

Knockin’ on chemo’s door

My oncologist was on vacation for a few weeks so for my regular 9 week appointment I saw a stand-in.  He had a unique bedside manner for a physician as he was not very good at eye contact. But he was very thorough.
I was phoned the day before my appointment and told that my appointment was being bumped a half-hour later. The reason for the delay was that the stand-in oncologist was presenting my case to the tumour group. Continue reading

Hmmmm a Head CT

Last Friday turned out to be an adventure. It started off at the inhuman hour of 7:30 when I had to be injected with the radioactive tracer for a bone scan. That took 4 pokes. The nuclear medicine tech diagnosed me with self-preserving veins.  My veins look beautiful and feel great but as soon as the needle pokes into my skin the vein disappears. Yay.
The scan itself was uneventful and I’m happy to report that yet again I did not get squashed. Continue reading