The Fun Continues

I’ll start with some good news. I got my brain MRI results. My brain remains clear and the lesion on my skull was stable!! Thank goodness as I was concerned about it growing as my scan was done during my last break from Capecitabine when things appeared to be progressing a bit.

Alright, on to the fun stuff……..after I figure out where I left off last time.

Right, it was Easter weekend. On the Sunday Ian and I picked up my parents and headed out to Metchosin to a tasty ham dinner hosted by Sarah and her dad. It was a great meal with excellent company as another university pal, Kara, and her hubby were there as well. I went hopped up on Nortryptiline and Tylenol so I made it through the evening and could actually enjoy myself.

Ian had the next couple of days off then my wonderful bud, Keetah, and the pooch, Satori, arrived on Wednesday bearing gifts. Most awaited were the Cannabis candies. The candies are made from cannabis tincture of the low THC, since THC makes me ill, and high CBD content to work on pain and if I’m really lucky will help me sleep.

Sorry, I started this post a couple of weeks ago. Everything has gone haywire since. I’ll be back once things are a little more under control.

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