New Blog Home


I have been thinking about moving my blog to its own dedicated URL for a little while now.¬† Partly it just feels like it is¬†time to make my blog feel more official, but I am also thinking about getting more involved in advocacy work for MBC so having my own website helps give a sense of professionalism……even if I¬†most of my¬†blogging is done¬†in the middle of¬† the night in my pj’s.¬† In front of the tv…….eating bon bons.

Well, no bon bons but drinking soda water.  Soda water seems to help me prevent  mouth sores so I am drinking it a lot.

I have also thought about getting involved in some other kind of project involving advocacy or charity work or something.  It seems now more than ever there are a lot of areas that could use more support than ever before.

This is now part way through my 5th year of having a blog and after many resolutions to be a more consistent blogger I am hoping this is the year I manage to follow through on that plan.  I feel like the smoker that has tried quitting 14 times, 2017 will be the year it finally sticks.

I am still making adjustments and working on the design.¬† Colours and page layout may change a few more times.¬† And categories and tags. I haven’t used categories or tags before (see….more professional…. ūüėĀ) so those will probably change a few times before I really figure out how I’m going to sort them.¬† I seem to have¬†a lot of posts that are really convoluted so I could use 20 tags on them but that seems¬†a tad excessive.¬† I’m sure I’ll¬†figure it out.¬† It has been interesting going back and reading the old posts while I’ve been doing this.

This is all for now.  I have actually had a busy week this week plus I need to an update on how the 1st cycle of Capecitabine has been.  I will leave all of that for tomorrow.

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