I am on the ferry on my way to Tsawwassen, the first leg of the adventure to Portland. A quick update on my head CT…….I got a phone call Friday morning from the scheduler at my oncologists office. The scheduler could not get me in last week and she didn’t want me to wait until I was back to be scanned. The requisition was faxed to the medical imaging department at Saanich Peninsula Hospital so I could go out there as a walk in patient.Yea

Turned out to work well, I only had to wait about 10 minutes before the tech called me in. He was really nice and had apparently been working in the department for about 20 years. The disturbing part was that I had a suspicion that he felt sorry for me. An odd feeling, that.

The head CT is pretty similar to a regular CT except there was a specific head rest used. Also a strap went across my forehead so my head doesn’t move and my eyes get covered with a folded Kleenex……..I guess in case I open my eyes I don’t stare right into the laser beam.
Since I have never had my head scanned before the tech started an IV on me so he could use contrast dye. By using contrast he can also scan my brain which is probably a pretty good idea right now.  Unlike my experience last week it only involved 1 poke to get the IV in. Yay! Improvement!

The scan itself was super quick, maybe 5 minutes. The tech said the results should get to my oncologist either the same day or by some time on Tuesday. So far I haven’t heard anything.
If I still haven’t heard anything by tomorrow afternoon some time I will call my onc. I kinda want to know before I actually leave for Portland so I don’t have to dwell on the not knowing the whole time I’m gone.

Once I know anything I will post again. In the mean time I shall enjoy the awesome view 😉

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