The Results Are In

I had my 9 week appointment with my oncologist on Wednesday so I finally got the official results of my bone scan.
The official impression is “continuing improvement of abnormalities in the sternum, thoracic spine, and pelvis.”


Hard to believe that it could actually get any better than it already was, but what do I know?

Now onto a totally different matter.  As some of you may already know, I am thinking about not participating in the Run for the Cure this year.  If I am involved in the run I would like to be a part of the organising.  We’ll see how it goes. With my fatigue, being on the organising committee may not be possible but I am sure there is something behind the scenes I should be able to do.

Coincidently, just as I am thinking of not being a part of the run, my wonderful friend Grace van der Gugten has signed up as a member of Team UBC for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  This is a fundraising bike trip that takes place every year and participates ride from Vancouver to Seattle (!!!!).  The money raised goes to the BC Cancer Foundation which is the fundraising arm of the BC Cancer Society where I and all other cancer patients in BC are treated.  The BCCA is a huge participant in all sorts of cancer research and it truly is a great institution to support.

I am throwing all of my fundraising abilities behind Grace this year. I hope that all of you who are able will also show your support of both Grace and of cancer research by donating to her!

To make donating easy, here is a Link to Grace’s personal page!

Thank you all for your support:-)

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