It Was a Holly Jolly Christmas

Four days before Christmas Ian and I packed up the pets and headed for Victoria. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew were already there and we got to have a fun family Christmas. Lucky for us the Steeves’ Christmas was not like a Griswold Christmas and we weren’t visited by a swat team.
For anyone who doesn’t get the reference use the Google. I am not explaining my favourite movie ๐Ÿ˜›

We spent the next 6 days eating too much and probably drinking too much coffee. Funny thing about having cancer I no longer believe you can have too much coffee.

Ian and I got to spend time with some university friends visiting one of the old drinking holes. It was funny walking into the bar that had changed its name, looking around and feeling like I had never left town.

The biggest challenge of the whole trip was having to teach Jasper how to share a living space with an 11-month old. Jasper has never had an opportunity to spend much time with kids of any age so I call the experience a success since he had pretty much stopped barking at any sudden movements by day 4.ย  And by the time we were leaving Jasper was so exhausted from all the extra supervision he had to do that he wasn’t twitching from any random screeches Sebastian made.
Orchid was fantastic with Sebastian and baby and cat seemed to enjoy each other.

We are back in Vancouver now and it is time to start thinking about 2014. I think my New Years resolution should be to do a better job of updating my blog. I have been such a slacker this fall.

In the cancer part of my life there isn’t too much to report. I chickened out and never called my oncologist to get the official results of my bone scan. I decided to go the no news is good news route. Much less stressful.
And I am trying to get my CPP Disability sorted out further. When my claim was approved they decided to approve me affective July 30, 2012, the day I started chemo. That meant I was going to be paid a retroactive lump sum. The difficult thing is that all CPP payments aren’t actually supposed to go to me they go to my LTD company. I emailed my case worker after I was approved, waited a couple weeks and never heard a thing. I phoned the office and talked to a very helpful woman. Turns out my case worker has changed. Glad to know keeping me in the loop is not on the priority list!
So now I have faxed in the appropriate paperwork, tried emailing my new case worker and I still haven’t heard anything. So I am doing my best to not spend the money that feels like it is burning a hole in my pocket.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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