One Year and Counting……

Saturday marked one year since my diagnosis.  As the day was approaching I managed to find lots of fun activities to prevent myself on dwelling on the might-have-beens of my life if I hadn’t got cancer.

Ian and I were in Tofino for a wedding at the end of June.  The  weather was not the best for the trip over…..

And here is the eagle on the way out of Nanaimo, or maybe into Nanaimo, I can’t remember exactly where it is now but we drove past it after we got off the ferry.

We stopped in Coombs at Goats on the Roof and bought some yummy cheese.  Due to the weather and having not mastered the camera on my new phone my picture of the goats did not turn out well but with some computer touch ups I have something:

We spent one day 6 miles off shore doing some charter fishing and the weather was much improved.  I caught my first halibut. Yum.
We had spectacular weather for the wedding right on the beach:

We left the next day and the weather was back to rainy.  We stopped at Long Beach

 and Sproat Lake to see the Mars water bomber since we had time on the way back to the ferry.

The wedding weekend was pretty exhausting so I didn’t leave the apartment much for the following 4 days.

When Canada Day rolled around it was off to the Salmon Festival in Steveston.  Our freezer is full of salmon though so I did not actually eat any salmon while there.  We did see some cool boats though.  Sorry no pic, I didn’t try hard enough to get a good one.

Then finally for this past weekend, the big anniversary weekend, Ian and I took in a baseball game.

The Vancouver Canadians are a minor league for the Toronto Blue Jays which makes the games a little more fun.  The Canadians beat the Boise Hawks 8-4 that day.  One interesting side note, Wayne Gretzky’s son Trevor plays for Boise.

On Saturday my fabulous friends Keetah (she is the famous for cutting my hair short and then shaving my head when I first started chemo) and David were over for a salmon barbecue.

And Sunday was the Weiner Dog races at Hastings Race Course.  Always a fun time and I even won a few dollars.  I guess I was finally due for some good luck!

So, now that one year has come and gone it is time to start working on the next year.  My next bone scan isn’t scheduled until the end of August and my next CT scan will be around then. My next visit with my oncologist isn’t until the beginning of September. That means I can enjoy the entire summer and not think about what the results of my scans will be.

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