Back to Reality

I have been delinquent, again, about posting.

It is now Friday.  Radiation finished last Thursday and it was uneventful.  It was a little sad to say good bye to my techs but at the same time I hope I don’t have to visit them again for a very long time!

Last Friday I had a bone scan.  Oh goodie, time for a little scanxiety.
Gotta love cancer, it really has it’s own language.  I have an MO and an RO and a BS but I was not allowed to have a PS.  I’ve gone through chemopause and grown Taxol fuzz and now it is scanxiety.

To help settle my nerves, on Saturday morning bright and early I hopped a plane to Toronto to meet my baby nephew.  And what a cutie he is! I think that I will have to fit in regular visits to watch him as he grows up.  Afterall, I have to help ensure he does not end up a Leafs fan.

I also made it to a Blue Jays game…….yes, I admit I am a fan, and I got sucked in by all the hype that finally a good team was being fielded again.  Not quite true, but they did beat the Yankees the day I was at the park.

I really wish I had remembered to bring my camera, my phone camera is getting worse by the day.  Ah well, you get the general idea.
Unfortunately we didn’t get to catch a foul ball.

In all my visit to Toronto was a wonderful escape from reality and it was a little difficult getting back on the plane to return to my real life.

I have never had any real side effects from the radiation.  I got a few tiny blisters but they are in areas numb from surgery so I don’t even notice them.  My skin was pink but it is starting to turn to a tan now.  There is a risk that as the skin changes the area will get itchy but I have not noticed anything so far.  Basically radiation has been a walk in the park.
It was a little mentally tiring at times as I had to be at the cancer agency every day and I always had to plan around my appointments but it was only 16 days.  Not something to actually complain about.

Scanxiety will rear its ugly head again next week.  I have a CT scan on Tuesday and I will get the results on Wednesday.  Fingers crossed the Herceptin and Tamoxifen are doing their things and everything will continue to be negative.

And I have reached out to my long term disability case manager to get the return to work process started.  I am still aiming for the beginning of June.  If that happens it will be so much easier to pretend that my life has returned to normal with just the every 3 week visits to the cancer agency for my Herceptin infusions and occasional check ins with my oncologist.

And lastly, Saturday Ian and I celebrate our wedding anniversary.  And as I can never say often enough, I don’t know how I would be getting through this adventure if Ian wasn’t helping me every step of the way.

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