My Pill Bottle Pyramid

Recovery is getting more boring.  I can’t walk Jasper, I can’t lift anything over 10 pounds……..actually I can’t really lift anything since it feels like I will rip myself open, I can’t do yoga or pilates, so instead I built a pyramid:

How exciting.
The pyramid includes everything I took to make it through chemo.  I am missing a few things.  The Emend card at the back was only for one round of chemo.  I had 4 sets of those cards but I threw the others out, I had not thought of taking this picture for posterity when I first started chemo.
I have one unused prescription for a wig.  I have another unfilled prescription for a pain killer but that was for surgery not chemo so I am not including that.
Yea, so, I am kinda bored.  And I have been discharged by my home care nurse so I don’t even have her visits to look forward to.  Oh well, at least not seeing her means I am healing nicely.
If you need some entertainment here is a YouTube link (thanks Grace!)
I see my oncologist in another week.  And my surgeon.  By then someone should have some pathology reports for me.  I am waiting to hear how many lymph nodes still had tumour cells.  I am hoping for zero.
And at some point I have to see my radiation oncologist to get everything sorted to begin radiation.  Likely that won’t be for a couple more weeks.  I have more healing to do first.
And now, the rain has stopped so I shall go do one of the fews things I can do, walk.
Have a lovely Monday;-)

2 thoughts on “My Pill Bottle Pyramid

  1. Thanks for the update Sheryl! So glad to hear your recovery is going well. Keep up the positive attitude and try not to go too stir crazy!



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