Recovery is Getting Bor-ring

Thank you to everyone who has gone for a walk or coffee with me during the past week!
Without you I think I would be ripping out what little hair that I have while attempting to not go bonkers while recovering.

I still have the annoying drain so all the exercise I can do is neck stretches and walking.  I know, up until now all I could do was walk so really there should be no problem, but I am SO ready to start expanding my exercise program.
It is possible that in 5 more weeks I can back to Pilates and soon after that I can start going to the gym. And then I will  feel as though I can finally start gearing myself up to get back to work.  It is about time!!!

My hair continues to grow……I might even have to break down and use shampoo for the first time since  July some time in the next few weeks.  That would be so exciting.

Right, the whole recovering from surgery thing.  I stopped taking the Tylenol a couple of days ago.  I woke up one night and realized I had forgotten to take my last dose so instead of getting up and taking it I just stopped taking it.  That seemed a lot easier.
And I still have the stupid drain.  I might get it taken out today.  Otherwise it will definitely go either Saturday or Sunday.  Yay!  Then I won’t live in constant fear that I will snag it on something and rip it out.  Ugh.  What a nasty thought.

The flexibility of my arm doesn’t seem too bad at this point.  Any limitations in my movement are driven more by the drain than anything else.

Ok, all the above stuff was written at 1 in the morning while I could sleep because of the drain. I am happy to report that the drain came out this morning!!!
It feels like a 50 pound weight has been lifted off my chest. I have to spend the weekend acting like I still have the drain so I don’t go overboard and cause any damage but on Monday I can start doing real stretches.

Have a lovely weekend:-)

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