Post Surgery, at Home and Recovering

I think my surgeon is a superstar.  So far I have taken a total of 12 regular strength Tylenol to control my “pain”.
The biggest pain is in my right wrist where the IV tip rubbed against the vein.

Wednesday was surgery day.  I was at MSJ at 0630 to check in.  I met with a surgical day care nurse to go over my medical history and then I got into one of the fabulous surgery gowns with snaps everywhere so they are easy to put on and take off.  Then I met with one of my OR nurses, then I met with a doctor who was assisting with the surgery, then I met my anaesthesiologist, then I met with my surgeon, then I met my other OR nurse…..I didn’t actually have to meet the second nurse but she had heard that I was a lab tech and wanted to meet me.

Just after 0830 I was sent off to the OR.  I had a short discussion with my anaethesiologist about the best place for my IV.  Sometimes the vein in my right hand collapses if I am dehydrated but the vein was apparently too big and juicy to resist.  Fortunately the attempt was successful……having to dig around in the vein never seems like a good way to start the day.

And then it was about 1210 and I was in recovery.  I got a shot of gravol for nausea and I was transferred up to 4 West a little before 1400.  Lucky me I got a semi-private room and my roommate didn’t show up for another hour or so.

My nurse was great and I had a visit with the Clinical Nurse Leader that I had dealt with quite a bit during my Point of Care days.  It is always fun to hear a little bit about how things are going on the wards that I used to know so much about.

I actually managed to get some sleep Wednesday night in-between visits from my night nurse.

Thursday morning I had the same nurse that had been there the day before.  I had a visit with the physiotherapist about the exercises to be done during my recovery.  I also met with the liaison for home care as a nurse will come out periodically to check my dressing and drain.

Last I had a student nurse come in and check on me.  When she came in she told me that she was excited to meet as she had heard that I had been a lab tech and I was really popular with all the other nurses (the other 2 that I had seen on the ward isn’t really all the nurses, but it was nice to hear anyway!).
I offered to let her practice her glucose meter skills on me but she wasn’t sure she could do that since I was diabetic.
I did have her check my drain and empty it.  And I had her show Ian how to empty the drain as well.

And then it was time to go home.

It is now Friday.  I am still puffy from the saline but it is getting better.  I am sure my chemo nurse will be thrilled to have to put in an IV this afternoon for my Herceptin.

I had a visit from my home care nurse and everything looks good apparently.  I am a wuss so I won’t look at the surgery site.  And there is no swelling so I can really feel the drain and it is kind of gross and uncomfortable feeling but still no pain.
Hopefully the drain can come out on Tuesday.

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