Yay!  Thanks to the St. Paul’s gang for accompanying me to my first sushi meal since last July.
I don’t normally take pictures of my food but this is something I had to commemorate.

Volcano Roll!!!!!!

And tomorrow is surgery.  I’m not exactly thrilled, but I am having the surgery because I had good results.  That is so much better than not having surgery because I had bad results!
I will be in only overnight so home on Thursday.  It seems a little hard to believe that the stay is so short, but the shorter the stay the lower the risk of catching something else so I suppose that is a positive.

There are a few good things from the past week:

I became an aunt for the first time on Saturday, January 26th.  Now I need to recover quickly to make it out to Toronto for a visit.

Next, my chemo brain is almost gone!!  This is wonderful.
The only downside is that after being home for 2 days without chemo brain I had such a bad case of cabin fever I was tempted to teach myself to juggle knives.  I can only hope I get cleared to go back to work soon.  I am aiming for July but I am dreaming about May.

Lastly……..my hair has started to grow back!!!! And my eye lashes!!!!! I’m not 100% about my nose hairs since I can’t see them, but I don’t think I’m blowing my nose quite so often.
Hopefully soon my cancer patient look will start to disappear and then I can wear hats because I want to and not because my head is cold.

I will be out of commission for a few days due to surgery.  Ian will send out a text from my phone after he sees me post-surgery tomorrow but there likely will not be any action on my blog for a few days.

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