Surgery Consult

Sorry, I totally forgot to post the results of the visit to my surgeon on Tuesday.  I guess it was the chemo brain acting up again.

Going into the appointment the one thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to have any lymph nodes removed.  The primary tumour is on the left side and I am dominantly left handed and I am a klutz so I figure I am pretty much the potential poster child for lymphedema.  And then my surgeon said “due to your age and how well you responded to treatment……we should definitely remove all the lymph nodes”.
Of course she said that.  I had made a plan so now it is being changed.  What a surprise:P  

The general opinion appears to be that even though technically I am not curable, due to my age and how well I responded to treatment, everyone is just pretending I am curable and treating me in the most aggressive manner possible.
Can’t really disagree with that idea.

So……on February 6th I get to trot off to Mount Saint Joes and have my left breast lopped off and all the lymph nodes removed.  Sounds like a fabulous way to spend a few hours, doesn’t it?
I get to stay overnight in the hospital though.  Yes, you heard me correctly, one whole night.
Then Ian gets to take 2 weeks off work to look after me since I will have limited use of my left arm and I will be kicked out of the hospital before I have even started to heal.
At least Ian has lots of vacation time left.  I can’t imagine what people do if they either don’t have a spouse or their spouse can’t take time off.

Oh, and on Wednesday I had another bone scan as a baseline for following my progress now that chemo is done for now.
And the Siemens sensors behaved very well so I did not squashed;-)

Tomorrow it is CT scan day to finish up my baseline testing.

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