My PET Scan Results

I had a PET scan yesterday.  It was really short notice so I don’t know if many people had heard about it.

I had my oncologist appointment today.  Going into the appointment I had the next few months of my life all mapped out.  I had decided that I am done with chemo for now.  I am ready to have my hair back (especially those nose hairs) and to have an end to most of those pesky side effects.
I had also decided no surgery for now.  I can tell that my brain is slowly starting to emerge from the chemo fog and I am so ready to go back to work.  I will have radiation.  That would help control any primary tumour left and zap any cells left in my lymph nodes or in the patch of skin.

At the oncology appointment the results of my PET scan were the first order of business.  The official word is ALL bone and liver mets that lit up on the original scan are no longer visible!!!!!!!!
There is only residual activity remaining in the primary tumour.
So…… step……….surgery.  There go my plans.

But, who cares?????  That is pretty much the best news I could possibly get.  As a stage IV patient I have been ingrained by others who have gone before me that the primary goal is for the mets to be stable.  As long as things don’t get bigger, you are good.  To have all the mets melted away, that is absolutely fantastic!!

And to top it off I get to have a lobster dinner to celebrate.

Next up will be the meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday morning.

I had been expecting a certain level of good news with the PET scan results but this is just so fabulous I almost can’t believe it.
Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers and company while I have travelled this first step of my journey.  I couldn’t have got to this point without you:-)

15 thoughts on “My PET Scan Results

  1. Absolutely great news,Sheryl. You go girl, you did it all. As Linda said, the credit goes to you and your positive attitude. Enjoy that lobster.



    I hope to hear more wonderful news down the road!! I need to get out there for a visit.. and when I do.. YOU are the first person I want to visit!!!


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