Ringing in 2013

Wow! What a difference a year makes.  Who in a million years would have ever thought I would be a blogger?
I guess that is what having cancer can do to a person.

2012 was quite the year.  I got a new job and I was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Hopefully 2013 will not be as dramatic.
I am not making any resolutions, but I am hoping that I will be blogging less about cancer and more about the places I travel when I get back to work.

I had my last Taxol treatment on Dec 28th so I am dealing with the last dregs of the joint pain right now.  That should be done by Thursday.  And, oh boy, the hot flashes!  I didn’t have any during the third taxol treatment so I was hoping to be done with them.  No.  They are super frequent and super hot.  At least it is only 2 degrees outside.

I will be getting Herceptin from now on until it stops working.  I have a bone scan scheduled for January something.  I have it written down somewhere though so I am pretty sure I won’t forget about it.  And I will also get a CT scan but I am pretty sure I don’t have the date for that yet.

I can’t wait for my brain to start functioning more normally.  I am really bad at making lists.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2013!

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