The Weather Outside Really is Frightful

The frightful winter weather started on Tuesday morning.  I am really glad I don’t live out in the Fraser Valley since Ian and I had to be at Mount Saint Joes at 8 am for the surgeon consult that day.

I had not seen my surgeon since right after my initial diagnosis so this was partly just to check in with her and see what her general thoughts were about whether or not I should have surgery.
I have been leaning towards having surgery pretty much with the idea that I am willing to be aggressive with treatment if it gives me a longer life span.  The problem, of course, is that at this point in time the research done has not be conclusive as to whether or not surgery actually gives a longer life span to stage 4 patients.  In general the opinion seems to be more or less 50/50.  Hmmmmmm. So helpful.

My surgeon understands the concept of going at the cancer in an aggressive manner due to both my age and my very good state of general health.  Really, if I didn’t have the side effects of chemo, like the big, bald head, no one would know that I even had cancer.

So, the final conclusion of the consult was to wait and see the results of my CT and bone scans in January.  If the scans show an absence of lesions in my bones and liver but there is still primary tumour than surgery seems like a good way to go.  If the other lesions are still present than there is less reason to go through the surgery as the random blobs are worse for my general prognosis than the primary tumour.

All in all, nothing is decided.  And so I wait.  The snow was entertaining for a few hours.  Jasper loves to b out in it so we had to do an extra walk.  But, by Wednesday afternoon it was turning in a slushy world instead of a marshmallow world so it was at less fun.
Now it is Thursday and it has been raining non-stop since Wednesday evening so most of the snow is gone.

Good.  Tonight it is Van Dusen Gardens Festival of Lights.  It should be fun!

3 thoughts on “The Weather Outside Really is Frightful

  1. Have a great Christmas and New Year! I'm wishing an hoping 2013 will be a great one. Keep calm and carry on….you are so awesome!
    Keep in touch and let's meet up again soon!


  2. Waiting is hard! Hopefully you can have a FAC Christmas and New Year…..easier said than done. Wishing you a Merry Christmas season, the very best in the New Year and as always, sending positive energy your way.


  3. My best wishes for a best-case scenario, which sounds like surgery. I've been through cancer and chemo. It gets me every time I hear of yet another battling this terrible disease. Sending hugs and good energy from Northern California.


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