FAC Weekend

Yes, that is my newest acronym: Forget About Cancer weekend.  I think it is pretty good.

Ian and I packed up Jasper and took him to Seattle for the weekend with our friends Nick and Sarah.  It was a little sketchy to start with the big snow flakes falling.  They were pretty but not exactly the weather we wanted to drive in. Fortunately the snow did not last too long.
We did a little outlet shopping on the way down and had some great food.  That is one problem with Seattle, there are more food places I want to go to than I ever have time to actually visit.

It was fun and so nice to get away and not think about anything but fun stuff for more than 24 hours.
Jasper had a blast staying in a hotel.  I think he possibly thought it was the most exciting thing ever.  He was so mentally stimulated that he barely wanted to move today.  So worthwhile.

And Orchid was left all by herself.  I suspect she upset to be alone but happy to have the dog gone.  It probably would have been perfect if she could have only figured out how to turn on the fireplace by herself.

One thing I did learn on our travels is that I have been truly kidding myself about how much my energy level has rebounded.  I was okay on Saturday.  Sunday was a whole different story.
I had been in Seattle last year for shopping and eating and had no problem with walking and shopping for two days.  This time on day 2 I think a one-year-old who falls down every 3 steps could probably walk faster than I could.  I had been optimistically thinking that I was getting close to being at about 70% of my previous energy level, in reality I think 50% might be an exaggeration.
Oh well, at least my energy is improving.

Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon.  That should be informative.

And watch out Vancouverites, it might snow this evening.

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