More Random Stuff from 3 am

Great. I’m still awake.  It is now 3 am.  So, here is more random stuff for anyone with too much time on their hands.

Item 1:
There is a website for Stage 4 cancer patients that I occasionally go on.  There is a thread requesting other members for some the funniest things other people of said to them.  There are some really funny things posted and there are other comments that people are so upset about that I just don’t understand.
One of the most common  phrases that raises complaints is “Your color looks so good”.  Just for the record I love hearing that.  As long as it’s true.  I don’t need lies.  Lies don’t help.
But while there is cancer on the inside I am really happy not having it show on the outside! Except for the bald head, of course, can’t do much about hair loss:-)

There was another complaint from someone about “My sister just said I’m the strongest person she knows”.  I don’t get that one either.  Would she prefer that her sister told her that she is a weak cry baby?  I think strong is good.  That is what helps when dealing with the stupid chemo side effects, or too many tests or needle sticks, or the general thought that wow, I could die at some stupidly early age.  I like strong!

So, here is my Youtube link for the day

I think I could feel Ian’s eyeballs roll even though he is currently downstairs asleep. 🙂

Item 2:
I am not a pink person, obviously, based on the name of my blog; but show me a product with a pink ribbon on it these days and I snap it up.
So far I have managed to resist buying any unnecessary products.  Well, except for the strawberry Tic Tacs.  I don’t think those were strictly necessary.  They are yummy though so I suppose that is a good enough excuse.

Item 3:
Tassimo coffee makers are awesome!!!  If only the peppermint mocha pods were available in Canada.

Item 4:
Just since I haven’t mentioned this recently: pancakes are awesome!!!

Item 5:
My husband is awesome!!!

Item 6:
My friends are awesome!!!

Item 7:
My family is awesome!!!

Item 8:
I apologize, items 4 -7 were a little bit of overkill.
But I don’t really apologize because they are true.  Just blame it on sleep deprivation and chemo brain.  Oh yeah, and I have cancer so I have to take advantage. 😛

Item 9:

A picture, it’s an oldie but a goodie:

And here’s another one that I had forgotten about.  Who needs a soft bed to sleep in?

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