Treatment #7 Done!!

Here we go again, it is 0045 and I am totally hopped up on steroids.  At least I can sleep in tomorrow.

Today was a slightly shorter chemo marathon, only 5 hours.  Yay!  And as always a bit of an adventure.  First off, thank you for the visit, the peppermint mocha ( another of my favourites, so yummy, and so fattening!), and the treat, Marion:-)
After you left Ian and I were serenaded by a Royal watcher and her conspiracy theory on why the queen had Diana killed off.  I thought the heads of the English couple on the other side of me may explode.  It did help pass the time though.

The next day and a half should go very smoothly until the joint aches start up again.  Hopefully they will be of even shorter duration than last time. If the weather is nice I will try and get some walks in.
I haven’t decided if walking actually helps with the aches but I figure it can’t hurt either.
I will also try to fit a few activities in.  If I am busy I don’t think about the aches and that makes them easier to cope with.  I am so not good at sitting on my couch and moping now that I am finally getting some of my energy back!

And, on a very exciting note, my brain function has finally returned enough that I can start driving again.  Now I can go much further afield since I had been limited by either the distance I could walk or no more than 2 stops on the train (I really don’t want to pick anything up now that disease season is pretty much in full swing).

And lastly, my thoughts go out to puppy dog Tess’s family.  I know how difficult it is to lose a furry family member.  I never had the opportunity to meet Tess but I do know she was well loved.  By now she has probably reunited with Cody and they are both patiently waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for their family.

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