Twas the Night Before Treatment #7

Wowzers, it’s almost hard to believe that tomorrow is my second to last chemo treatment. The time has dragged in some respects and gone so fast in others.  Regardless of the speed of time I can’t wait to be done!

I had my usual pre-chemo oncology appointment today. My neutrophils were 1.2. Yay! No extra blood work tomorrow:-)
There wasn’t any new information today. We discussed the 3 month plan – finish up chemo at the end of December, recover for 4 – 6 weeks then probably have surgery ( I have to get in touch with my surgeon again and see what her feelings regarding surgery for me are like before the surgery plan is finalized) then there is radiation. In the midst of that the herceptin infusions will continue; fortunately
 there don’t appear to be any significant side effects. Also to be fit in will be tamoxifen infusions since my primary tumor is estrogen receptor positive as well as being HER 2 positive.

Due to the taxol my exciting new side effect is hot flashes. Yippee! Chemo induced menopause, how exciting. I have about a 60% chance of the menopause not reversing.  If it does reverse then the additional question of whether I should get my ovaries removed will have to be answered. Fortunately that is not a bridge that needs to be crossed for a bit. Thank goodness, I have had a pretty active last few days so I don’t really have the energy to cross any bridges right now!

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