It’s Raining……Water

At least it isn’t raining cats and dogs.  That would just be messy.

Today is Monday, it’s raining, and to go with the weather I feel like I have arthritis in my hands and feet.  Bleh.
The aches and pains from the taxol started right on schedule Saturday afternoon.  Laura, by the time I was home the ache in my left knee was in both my knees, hips, and my left elbow.  I think we left at the perfect time!
Since then the aches have moved around a lot.  I can’t decide if walking helps or not, activity just seems to make the aches shift around.  In general it is pretty tolerable but achy eye sockets feel a little funny.

The only other exciting thing is that my hair still hasn’t started to fall out again.  I even saw some growth in my eyebrows.  Yay!
My scalp does feel sensitive right now which used to be the indicator that my hair was about to fall out but the tingliness may just be part of the current achiness.

Hmm.  I think that is all I have to say.

Have a lovely afternoon and try not to drown.

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