Weekend in the Key of P

Do you hear that sound? No, not the rain, the laughing sound.  I think it’s the chemo drugs laughing at me. Again.

Saturday morning I told Ian how good I was feeling. I could eat normally, I didn’t feel icky, I didn’t have any aches and pains. It was almost weird, I kind of felt like maybe these new drugs wouldn’t actually do anything because I felt so normal. Apparently I just needed to wait about 8 hours.
And then the joint pain set in.

On the whole scale it isn’t the worst pain I have ever experienced.  I can still walk and talk and eat.  But it sure gets annoying, particularly when it keeps moving around.  I’m pretty sure every part of my body has ached in the last 2 days.  Really, who knew eyeballs could ache, or cheekbones, or the spot at the base of your skull right where it attaches to your neck?
The majority of the pain has been in the knees, hips, ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and fingers.

It being Monday it is now day 3 of pain and it has decreased.  Mostly hips and knees, and my butt, and its not good butt pain like after a good workout, it is just plain uncomfortable.  It is sad when sitting in front of the tv or computer is uncomfortable.
At the rate things are going it should be pretty much gone by tomorrow.  And I will take the pain over the ickiness any day.

The fatigue and shakiness has come back a little bit but I suspect that is mostly because I have been doing too much because I haven’t been feeling sick.  I’m sure a couple naps will solve those problems.

And…..I have been having some major pain right in the tumour.  According to the internet, and we all know we can trust EVERYTHING we read on the internet, that means the chemo drugs are whacking the crap out of the cancer cells.  I will take that pain all the time!

So, in general, things are going pretty good.  If only the rain would stop.  At least we didn’t get flooded by a tsunami.  That would have sucked.

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