Today is Brought to You by the Letter F

And in no particular order, the words of the day are:
Freaked out

They are really pretty aren’t they?

And the saying stamped on the sole is “Another Day With Hope”. Seems appropriate.

The frequency that I manage to write blog posts is directly proportional to how much I am thinking about cancer. Today has been a Freak out (Oh, look at that!  Word of the day!) kind of day.
Had my oncology appointment. My neuts are 0.9, so close. I have to go back tomorrow before my chemo time to get them checked again. As long as I hit 1.0 I am good to go.
I think I did a little too much research into the taxol and herceptin side effects and now I keep thinking that the last drugs weren’t so bad. Maybe this next combo will be pay back. I sure hope not. See! Another day with hope:)

At the appointment we also discussed the next stage of treatment, namely radiation and surgery. I will probably get a referral to the radiation oncologist some time in the next 3 weeks. Then we can discuss radiation and the possibility of fitting in surgery at some point.  
Unfortunately the plan for surgery doesn’t involve reconstruction because I am highly likely to relapse.  Huh, time for another Freak out.  Definitely that kind of day.

Maybe I should go put on the boots and get some hope back in my day:)

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