New York, New York

I am supposed to be here:

right now.  And I should be busy shopping here:

and here:

I guess there is always next year.

I have to add New York to the very long list of things I can’t do this year and will have to some how pack into 2013.
Things like endless piles of tuna sashimi at Kadoya, the PNE, Caribbean Days, raw cheese of any kind as long as it isn’t blue, a manicure, a hockey game, although that is due more to the lockout than chemo but I am avoiding large crowds now that flu season is almost upon us, Fright Nights, eggs benedict, I am sure you get the idea.

With Laura and Grace as my trusty advisers I did get a couple of hats this weekend.  And yes, the purchases were from the fabulous hat shop on Granville Island.  Now with my supply of toques and my hats for more snazzy occasions I am set for the fall and winter weather.  I can’t wait for my hair to grow back!

I am excited that my chemo is delayed until Wednesday next week.  That gives me two extra days of being sort of normal.
And having my drugs switched up is a little stressful.  I had gotten used to the side effects of the old drugs, kind of. When the side effects weren’t changing.  But it is still a case of the devil you know is easier to cope with than the devil you don’t know.
The general opinion is that the side effects will be easier on the new drugs, but the reality is that the side effects weren’t THAT bad on the old drugs, sure, I was utterly exhausted at times, and the bone pain sucked, and the heart burn, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.  What if I really react to the new drugs?  Eight days and I find out.

In the mean time that means 8 days to fill with activities.  I went shopping for the first time in 2 1/2 months and I am totally exhausted now.   I think my first activity will be a nap 🙂

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