Turkey Weekend

The time for family gatherings and turkey dinner with all the trimmings. For me it means my birthday is coming up in another month and then Christmas (!) is right around the corner. I can picture the dinner right now, a beautifully set table, linen napkins, a perfect roast turkey, nice music (whatever Thanksgiving music is), the wine chilled, just like a movie set with narrator describing all the details.
And then I remember the poultry heartburn. Sure, I usually eat too much at Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t? Stuffing really is one of the best foods ever invented after pancakes, but I just can’t do a turkey dinner this year.
I will have some Stove Top though. What can I say, it’s a guilty pleasure:)

So, with an 80% chemo dose this time around I was feeling pretty confident that I would make it through turkey weekend without too much difficulty. Yeah, right, I should’ve known chemo is a living thing with a vindictive streak 5 miles wide.

Friday night came and went with only a mild hint of the usual bone pain. My confidence was growing by the minute that the pain would not happen. 3 am happened instead. My knees and my shins were wide awake. And probably because of the lower dose I wasn’t as tired so it was much harder to sleep through. Arg.
Saturday things settled down and then in the late afternoon my whole body started to ache. This is so not fun. It is now Sunday afternoon and the sympathy I have for people that live with chronic pain is overwhelming. My whole body aches, particularly my jaw and my knees but at least I know the pain will stop within the next day. I can’t imagine living with the knowledge that the aching won’t stop.

So, I am currently a little cranky but that shall pass. And later it is Stove Top and pumpkin bread pudding for dessert. Food really does make thing a little more cheery.
I just wish I had the energy to visit the seawall and have a coffee. Maybe tomorrow!

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