Half Way!!

The standard requirement for getting chemo is a neutrophil count of 1.5. My neuts were 1.4, but fortunately my oncologist is a little more lenient and allows the dose as long as my neuts are over 1.   That means with yesterday’s dose I am officially half way through my chemo treatments:)
I think my IV nurse was almost as excited as I was that I had reached the half way point. The nurses at the Cancer Agency are so supportive!

So far this round has been okay. I feel the usual off feeling and the tired is kicking in but it is pretty much as expected. This round may be a little easier as I was dropped down to an 80% dose. The fever I had last Saturday is an indicator that my body is started to get run down and once I get one fever I am more susceptible to more fevers in the future. My dose was lowered slightly to decrease the chance of another fever.
I am definitely fine with that. The antibiotics were so hard on my body I really don’t want to repeat them any time soon.

Next round my drugs are being changed so treatments will be about 4 hours long instead of just one hour. That will be less fun. But, it also means I say goodbye to the super toxic red drug. I will be starting herceptin though which is supposed to be one of the newer things for preventing cancer from spreading or coming back.

I will be doing 4 rounds with the new drugs and then it will be radiation and possibly surgery. I am voting for surgery but I may have to convince my surgeon that I need surgery but I think I have a pretty good argument just on the basis of my age.

And hi Suzetta in Italia! The pictures are much appreciated. It looks like you are having a fabulous time 🙂

4 thoughts on “Half Way!!

  1. Congrats on the halfway mark! Think about you lots, and love the updates on the blog! Gives me a way to keep track of you without bugging you all the time. Keep up the good work (blogging and dealing with treatments).


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