Sheryl’s Specimens

Today was the Run for the Cure.
Thank you to everyone who donated, we have raised over $11,000!!!
Thank you Abby, you were a wonderful team captain! You did a great job getting the team off the ground and keeping us all organized:)
Thank you to all of my fabulous teammates, your support while I travel the road of a cancer patient means so much to me and it has really made the journey a little bit easier.

And thank you to all of my unofficial teammates who could not make it out today and to my family, I couldn’t do this without you.

And here is the picture you have all been waiting for:

Unfortunately the cape and the feather boa hide the coconut bra, but I am sure you get the idea.

It was a fun day finished off with pancakes.  I think I did an okay job of mascot even though I did not actually walk the route.  But now I have a goal for next year to run the 5k.

Tomorrow being Monday, and pending my neutrophil count, it is time for chemo #4.  The all exciting half way point!

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