It is Thursday, it is sunny, and I’m listening to “I will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.  Purely coincidence but it is an appropriate song.

I did a little seawall people watching today.  Stripes with plaid were popular as were beard braids.  It is true, Vancouver is not exactly known as a fashion capital of the world, or Canada, or possibly even BC.

The last week and a half has been action packed again.  Aside from the short detour through the VGH emerg, I have had some excellent coffee dates and breakfast dates and lunch dates.  That is what lead to the seawall people watching today, I needed a few extra hours of downtime and the seawall was the closest sunny spot that I could find to sit.  All my fun dates definitely make me tired.

I am almost ready for the next round of chemo.  My next chemo date is #4 and that means I am half way there!!!!

The music is now the James Bond theme.  Eclectic if nothing else.

So, as I was sitting on the seawall contemplating my navel, or maybe contemplating everyone else’s navels, there was this little piece of my brain that was already thinking about Monday and positively dreading it.  I know that chemo is necessary and really, on the whole scale of all the chemo stories I have now read or heard about, my chemo adventure has been shockingly uneventful so far.  At the same time that little piece of my brain is still dreading Monday.
Chemo really sucks.  It doesn’t suck more than cancer, but it still sucks.

At the same time, with all the suckiness, I am so thankful for chemo.  It is difficult to wrap my head around the whole idea that something that feels so inherently wrong, after all I have spent such a large chunk of my life trying to put as few chemicals in my body as possible, is so good for me.  Maybe all those people eating all that fake chemical filled processed food actually had it right, maybe the chemicals keep the bad stuff away.  Probably not.

At least I still have 3 more days until my next chemo day.  I have one more breakfast date to fit in and the run for the cure is on Sunday.
Thank you to everyone who has donated and thank you to all of my fabulous teammates for being such great friends and doing such an excellent job of fundraising!

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