Chemo A Go Go

I can’t complain about that.  Maybe the wheat grass really does help.  Or maybe the vitamin C.  Or maybe it’s just nature:)

It was a beautiful day.  I had a seawall stroll with Carly before I went for blood work.  Then it was off for coffee with Marian while hoping the Cancer Agency didn’t call to tell me chemo was cancelled.  Thanks for the coffee, Judi!! It is too bad you weren’t there, but definitely next time!

The Cancer Agency didn’t call so after coffee it was off to the chemo unit.  It was a busy place this afternoon.  And once again I was very thankful that I have big, happy veins.  There was another patient about my age in my room and it took 3 tries and a lot of pain and tears before the IV was in.  And it was her birthday.  I think all the nurses are hoping she gets a port put in before her next treatment is due.
I am still a little amazed that my neutrophils made it all the way up to 2.1.  It is such a relief that I got chemo and a full dose to boot.

The room I was in had a fabulous view.

Ok, that’s enough, time to be one with the couch for a little while.

8 thoughts on “Chemo A Go Go

  1. Do they really go around cancelling people's chemo therapy? That just seems wrong. Anyway, keep your spirits high. And hope this round of chemo kills off a few more cancer cells.


  2. Hi Sheryl – I've been following your progress through Craig and he told me about this blog. Peter and I both send you big big hugs and positive thoughts!! I'm going to take your advice about pancakes 🙂
    Susan Nichol


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