Random Thoughts, Otherwise Known as Mindless Blather

Before the mindless blathering (apparently that really is a word since it wasn’t flagged by my spell check) starts, the bad news is that on Friday morning my neutrophil count was 0.1.
That means possibly a delay in my next round of chemo or at best a decreased next dose if there isn’t a dramatic increase by Monday afternoon.  It seems the nasty tasting wheat grass juice is not helping, but I don’t have any other options so I will continue to drink it.

Now onto the random thoughts that have occurred to me while I have spent too much time sitting on my couch:

Do not stand in a customs line at an airport 40 hours after having a biopsy done.  The odds of wanting to either vomit or pass out are pretty high and somewhat unpleasant.  At the same time travelling is a marvelous way of distracting one’s self from potential bad stuff so maybe sucking it up and standing in the line is not such a bad idea after all.

Eat pancakes regularly.  They are even recommended by the BC Cancer Agency as a food to eat.  Add bacon and maple syrup and they are even better.  Although bacon and maple syrup are not recommended by the Cancer Agency sometimes living risky is the better course of action.

When playing Settlers of Catan it is really unfair if all the other players gang up on the cancer patient.

Hand hygiene is really important.

Hard boiled eggs are tasty, even without salt and pepper.

Friends and family are really important to one’s mental well being.

Text messaging is an excellent method of communication when computers are not conveniently located next to the couch and talking is too exhausting.

I think I have used the word exhausting more times in the last 6 weeks than I had used it in my entire life BC.

I have a really cute dog, and a really cute cat.  And an awesome husband:)

Having an overactive sense of smell is not a positive thing.

Boating is exhausting (see, there’s that word again, I think I need a thesaurus).  But it is fun and the scenery is beautiful.  No fish though.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when it is out with friends.

Friends and family are really important to one’s mental well being and I have an awesome husband.  I know I am repeating myself, it’s not chemo brain, they are just the 2 most important things:)

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts, Otherwise Known as Mindless Blather

  1. You won anyway?? Well done. Here's to the nasty wheat grass juice working in time!
    … also, I have a really hard time proving I'm not a robot every time I comment. Maybe I have robotic genes?


  2. Hey Sheryl,

    I'm sorry about your neutrophil levels and that the wheatgrass isn't helping. It does taste pretty awful so it makes it extra crappy that you've been drinking it and not getting the desired benefit. I think Keetah probably sent you a link but if not, check out http://drwheatgrass.ca/products/drwheatgrass-supershots/

    This stuff is an extract so you drink less and it is more potent (and it is flavoured which should also help). My friend Steven took it because he found that he couldn't stomach the wheatgrass after chemo. Perhaps the more concentrated version will be easier to stomach and maybe will have more of an affect but who knows!

    Aside from that…and this sounds weirdly morbid in a way…but I've been enjoying your blog! I wish you weren't writing it at all for obvious reasons but as a professional marketer, I say you are a great writer and definitely paint a picture with your words. Those words will help others so way to pay it forward! I'm rooting for you.



  3. Yes, I still won:) In a moment of chemo brain I announced that I would win on my next turn so there wasn't a lot time for the ganging up. Regardless, it still seems unfair to gang up on the cancer patient!
    And somehow I doubt you have robotic genes….your mom is certainly no robot…. so that means its on the Isaacs side. There is that frighteningly talented musical trait (and I use frighteningly in a good way, I'm just jealous because I didn't inherit the trait), could that be robotic? No, probably not, there has to be feeling to be musical.
    There you go, I think I proved you're not a robot. It may not be scientific but it works for me!


  4. Thanks Rob!
    I will take a look at the site. The wheat grass I have right now pretty much tastes the same as the way fresh cut grass smells, and I hate that smell.
    And I am glad you're enjoying my blog. I understand about the weird, but I find that a little bit of humour really does help make the situation better.


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