4 Days and Counting

These days my life revolves around my chemo schedule.  Every third Monday I trek off to the Cancer Agency for my next round of chemo and next Monday is one of those Mondays.  It is currently Thursday so I have 4 days left.  The question is how much fun stuff can I pack into 4 days?  Or more importantly, how much energy do I have to do some fun stuff???

Yesterday I decided to be really adventurous and I walked to St. Paul’s for a visit.  In the good old days, or maybe I should say BC (before cancer, but I’m sure you all figured that out) the 2.5 k walk took me 30 minutes on a bad day, this time around it was 50 minutes.  But, I made it and best of all I didn’t have to sit down part way.  I am doing way better than the first round!!

It was marvelous to see everyone:)

After the visiting was over I called Ian to pick me up.  I may have walked there but I had no hope of making it home again on my own.  And the rest of the day was a write off, all of my energy was spent.  At least it was fun.

As some of you know, I started a new job in the middle of May.  And yes, cancer has really put a damper on my training and working, fortunately I was eligible for short term disability while a cope with chemo.  I had the pleasure of talking to my boss today and even though I can feel my oncologist glaring at me as I say it, I REALLY want to go back to work!  If only my brain cells were working fully and I was focussed enough to drive and I could walk and carry stuff at the same time……..I discovered a few days ago that carrying 2 liters of milk 3 blocks requires 2 hours of couch time to recover.  I don’t think I will be carting a laptop anywhere for the next few months:(

Since it was yet another beautiful day today (yippee!) I met my fabulous pal, Alison, for coffee and a short stroll on the seawall.  And now I am home again and totally flaked out.  I probably should not have stayed out so long but it was so sunny and the company was nice I guess I pushed my limits just a bit.  Oh well, I’ll be glued to the couch again in no time.

The Run for the Cure:

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to run or has donated so far!!!!

I have promised Laura that for my role as mascot she can dress me up however she sees fit for the day.  So, if you are up for some entertainment don’t forget to sign up and join us on September 30th:)
I don’t know if there is a deadline for registering, but if you want a team shirt the shirt request has to be in by September 14th so try to sign up before then.

I am also looking for brunch ideas for after the run for anyone that can join.  As it may be a fairly large group I think we will have to move outside the downtown core so any suggestions are welcome (unfortunately Medina Cafe does not take reservations so it isn’t an option).
I am so glad the run organizers picked the last day of September, it is the day before round 4 of chemo so it is my absolute best day.

One thought on “4 Days and Counting

  1. I could hardly believe it when Suzie and Karen told me you had WALKED to St. Paul's on Wednesday! I am impressed! It's great to hear you're feeling so good and have so much energy (relatively speaking!). Hope the blood work was good today, look forward to seeing you soon! xoxo


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