The Chemo Daze

On Tuesday morning Ian packed up me, the pets, and all of my favorite post chemo foods into the car and brought us all to Pender Island for a two week period of relaxation with my parents. That means 3 people to fetch and carry for me.
As a result I have actually found the exhaustion not quite as bad as the first round. I think it helps that the only things I have had to do for the last 3 days are move from the bed to the couch, eat, and go to the bathroom. Not a bad way to recuperate!
I have stuck with all the bland foods – saltines, arrowroots, hard boiled eggs, angel food cake (my mom is looking after me so there have to be a few baked goods!). Plus some blueberries and grapes.

It is nice having a change of scenery even if I haven’t made it outside yet.  Below is my view looking over Navy Channel to Mayne Island.  I really can’t complain!

Everyone is a having a good time while I lie on the couch.  Ian has caught a fish and Orchid is rapidly piling up the mice count.  Jasper is just happy to be roaming free off leash.

My taste buds have faded again and my sense of smell is in overdrive.  Very frustrating.  I am hopeful that this round will be similar to the last round and my taste buds will start to return on Saturday.  In the mean time I will continue to enjoy my hard boiled eggs without any salt or pepper.

5 thoughts on “The Chemo Daze

  1. beautiful view! does anything smell good right now? could we create you some form of smelling salts? i'm glad you are a little less exhausted this time round and that everyone is having good times. xoxoxooxoxo


  2. That view is stunning! Enjoy having your mom pamper you; that's the best! I registered our Lab team for the CIBC Run for the Cure today——team name “Sheryl's Specimens”. I hope that's OK, I hadn't heard back from you and needed to get it done to start recruiting runners. Let me know; if you hate it, I can change it.


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