Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

Poor Jasper caught his first wasp today.

Note the swollen left lip.  Fortunately he is not allergic so he is still alive and the swelling has gone down.  He did have to thoroughly inspect the patio area where he was so violently attacked by the nasty wasp when he next ventured outside.  No more wasps so he could stay.

And I am now bald.  I started getting a scalp-ache last night and when I woke up this morning there was a lot more hair on the pillow.  And the shower was interesting.  I figured it was time to just take it off before my hair started looking patchy.  Even cancer patients don’t need patchy hair, that is just cruel.

Trusty Keetah, my fabulous hairdresser and friend, was coming over for a visit so it was perfect timing:)
Turns out I don’t have any random scars that I don’t remember getting.

It is definitely cooler not having hair.  But kind of weird.

About the PET scan, I brought music for the initial lying down part but there was no music during the scan itself, just the clunking of the bed as it moves around.  Although it didn’t clunk as much as the bone scan bed, that one scared the tech a bit.
And no emergency button.
It is pretty much the same type of machine as for a CT scan so the tube you go in is only about 2 feet wide so you can see at least part of the outside world the whole time.  That probably helps limit the clautrophobia.

The reason for the test is that I had a couple of spots on my CT scan and my bone scan that are “suspicious”.  One is on my pelvis and one is on my T5 vertebra.  Due to the locations neither spot can be biopsied thus the PET scan.
Bone involvement is bad since that would move me into stage 4.  And even badder, that is not curable territory.  That would also potentially change my treatment but I have to wait for my oncology appointment tomorrow to learn more about that.

I also get my pre-chemo bloodwork done tomorrow.  I am curious to find out what my white count is.  I think that it is probably close to normal right now but we shall see!

4 thoughts on “Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

  1. So very beautiful!! You have a perfectly symmetrical skull and now there is nothing to distract from your beautiful face!!! I couldn't pull it off nearly as well! xoxxoxox


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