Whitecaps Game…….no, wait, a PET Scan

Yay! I’m radioactive, again.  At some point I may start to glow in the dark.

I was supposed to go the Whitecaps game.  Instead I was booked for a PET scan.  That’s also known as Positron Emission Tomography.  Yet another exciting full body scan.  First, no exercise for 24 hours…..that’s okay, all I can do is walk anyway.  Then I had to fast for 6 hours before the test.  For the last 3 weeks I have been in small meal every 2-3 hour mode…..that part sucked.  Then I had to drink lots of water.  Oh well, I am doing that anyway so no biggie.

The test was at the cancer clinic.  I had to fill out a form about previous surgeries, any allergies, any medications.  Really, I should just take a form and photocopy it 80 times, it would save me from hand cramp.  I also had to sign a release form, PET scans are still classified as “experimental”.  They have been in Canada for over 6 years but we don’t want to rush anything.

I had an IV inserted then a radioactive glucose solution was injected.  Then I had to lie down for an hour, the tech was nice enough to dim the lights.  PET scan – most boring test ever.  Then it was off to the scanner, I’m not totally sure but I think it was Siemens again.  The scans took about half an hour of lying down with my hands over my head without moving.  Yes, my arms did fall asleep just before the scan was finished.  My hands started to slip right at the end and then there was a little beeping noise from the machine.  I thought they might have to rescan the end bit, since it was my hands, but the beep was just the signal it was all over.  Thank goodness.

Now I just have to get myself psyched up for my next treatment on Monday.  I picked up a prescription and now I need to finish my post chemo shopping list.  Lots of saltines, lots of arrowroots, some soda water, some eggs.  All sorts of exciting things.  I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Whitecaps Game…….no, wait, a PET Scan

  1. Well, at least you didn't have to push the eject button. Did they give you one of those, like with an MRI, where you have a button to press if the claustrophobia or boredom gets too severe? Do you get headphones with soothing music, or do you just have to listen to the machine, which always sounds like it cannot possibly be functioning properly?

    Sorry you missed the game. Do you get to go to an alternate Whitecaps match? Vancouverites are lucky because they have three decent sports teams. Here in Toronto, TFC is wretched, the Raptors are awful, the Argos are dreadful, the Jays are abysmal and the Leafs are diabolical. Toronto must be the global capital of sporting futility.


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