One more side effect

Or maybe 2.  The one that I forgot to mention, yet absolutely drove me crazy for almost a week after chemo was The Smell.  I don’t know what is was and Ian swears he couldn’t smell it.  It was awful and I was sure it was coming out of my pores.  I think it was the smell of dead cancer cells, or it might just have been the mucous membranes of my nose going haywire.

I did a normal person activity yesterday and tagged along while Ian and Nick went fishing.  Or at least tried to go fishing.  It was beautiful in the marina but on the way out it was not so calm.  We were planning to head over to the mouth of the Capilano River but by the time we were close to the north shore there were 3 foot rolling waves and it was not so fun.  My equilibrium is not quite as steady these days so before we even had both rods in the water I requested we turn around.  It really was not the best fishing weather.

Back at the marina, it was beautiful and calm again so we sat out and enjoyed the sun.

And the scenery is always pleasant.

I paid for all that activity today though.  I needed several hours of extra sleep to recover.  But at least I finally made it out on the boat:)

3 thoughts on “One more side effect

  1. Hi Sheryl!

    Good to hear that you got to enjoy some nice weather (at least the calm, no-so-bouncy nice weather). At the moment we are waiting for yet another wave of thunderstorms. We have had a lot of those recently: made a mess of the tennis on the weekend. Rocio sends her best. Take care, and talk to you soon.



  2. Fresh air and sleep are by far the best medicine. You are so brave Sheryl and many are going to benefit from your willingness to share your experience.
    Cheers Deb


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