Oh, my tingly scalp…..

I suspect the tingling may be the death throes of my hair follicles. I haven’t seen any real sign yet that my hair is falling out but it will probably be soon.

My energy level continues to improve and my appetite seems to have returned to normal. I am longer craving endless piles of simple carbs and everything I have eaten today has tasted normal.
Laura, regarding your question about the McDonald’s cheeseburger, it was a very good thing it tasted just the way I thought it should. It meant my taste buds were working:)

Mom and Dad have come for a visit. Yeah, that means someone to take me outside during the day. I sure hope the weather stays sunny!

2 thoughts on “Oh, my tingly scalp…..

  1. Hi Sheryl. Following your blog and thoroughly enjoying your refreshing sense of humour and strong attitude. Glad to hear that you got outside a couple of times and that your energy/appetite return to you occasionally for that “normalcy”. If the tingling is an indication that your hair will soon be falling out just remember, “hair is overrated”. One week down; a few more to go. I continue to send positive thoughts.


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