Peanut butter is yummy

I am happy to report that peanut butter is once again one of my favorite foods.

This blog post had a fairly endless list of possible titles as it has been a rather action packed long weekend, but a peanut butter tasting was the most recent thing so it wins.
It turns out my feeling of normalcy kept increasing on Saturday to the point I needed a McDonald’s cheeseburger for dinner. I haven’t actually eaten at McDonald’s for a year and a half but I saw a commercial while watching the Olympics and I could just taste that cheeseburger so much I wanted to see if it was still the same.  It was. And so were the fries.
Oh yeah, and they recommend avoiding fatty foods during chemo due to the increased chance of heartburn. My heart didn’t burn so no problem.
Around 7 pm I suddenly felt downright energetic. I made it up and down the stairs several times and even stayed on my feet for about 5 minutes straight without any tired feelings. Not bad!

Sunday morning I felt even better. It was hash browns for breakfast, light on the cheese. I’m still a bit leery of cheese after that Gouda experience. Then Ian was nice enough to do a run to the Powell Street festival for me to pick up some of the red bean pancakes. I love those things. We go to the festival every year just to get some. Oh so tasty:)
I was feeling particularly adventurous by then so it was decided a trek to the boat with Popsicles and dog was in order. Yeah!!!!!  Out of the apartment for the first time in 5 days!!!!!
And beautiful it was. It was so sunny and warm. (Sorry, I forgot my camera so no pics today)

I managed to make it through the whole entire day without a single nap. And I even fetched and carried my own food out of the kitchen. It was nice to feel like a person.

And now it is Monday and, oh boy, did I over do it yesterday. But I’m still ok, I haven’t actually taken a nap even if I have had difficulty getting off the couch. But, then I tried out the peanut butter and it was so yummy.
Only 23 weeks till my last treatment then my energy will start coming back for good and my taste buds won’t be zapped with anymore toxic chemicals. In the meantime, when the going gets tough at least I’ll have my Arrowroots:)

p.s. I hadn’t gotten around to posting this yet when my energy returned again and I managed a trek all the way to the pub for some ginger ale.  Out of the apartment twice in two days, I am so glad it has been sunny!

3 thoughts on “Peanut butter is yummy

  1. Yay! I'm so happy you've been able to enjoy the beautiful weather a bit. That makes it worth waiting for you to post; I've been checking a couple of times a day 🙂
    McDonald's cheeseburgers taste the same as you remember…is that good or bad?


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