Blueberry Pancakes & Bacon!!!

So, it turns out I lost a couple more days of my life. Thursday was a total write off; so was Friday. I appreciated the short visit from Laura on Friday afternoon but it turns out 10 minutes is the max I can currently sit unsupported. My infusion nurse had warned me day 4 after chemo would be one of the worst but I didn’t think I would be that exhausted!
I have done my share of double shifts and too many shifts in a row and it was nothing like I felt on Friday. Walking upstairs required a half hour nap to recover.
And now it is Saturday. I woke up and the first thing I thought was “huh, I feel almost…….normal”. I still don’t have the energy to sit upright unsupported but my body feels weirdly normal.
And that is fabulous because all week I have been picturing pancakes for breakfast!!!!! And a little bacon:)
I managed to stay up for 2 pancakes and a piece of bacon.  Yum.

It’s funny because I had actually thought about changing the name of my blog to “chemo – cruel and inhumane punishment for foodies” after this week but now I think my taste buds may return some day.
The horror all started on Wednesday when I ate a piece of Gouda and it tasted awful (I know, Craig, what could be worse than bad tasting Gouda!). Then on Thursday I tried some peanut butter and jam. And I am talking thick layers of peanut butter and jam and nothing. No flavor at all. Wow.
Sadly, Arrowroots and saltines became my new favorite foods. And cold food. You know you’re in trouble when a cold hard boiled egg without salt or pepper is one of the tastiest things you eat. The grilled chicken on Friday night was good, but I think I now know what heartburn is:) that’s ok, I have pills for that now too. Poor me who wouldn’t take pills for a headache will pop anything now. I suppose there aren’t too many things I could take now that are actually more toxic than chemo drugs so that is my excuse.

Back to this morning and this feeling of normalcy. I still can’t quite believe it. I decided to go back to bed to not jinx it but pretty soon I have to get up and have another pancake.

Have a fabulous sunny and safe long weekend everyone:D

5 thoughts on “Blueberry Pancakes & Bacon!!!

  1. i am so glad you are enjoying pancakes and bacon!! it makes me very happy! You are so much better at coming up with titles then i am – i think it could be a calling. love you so much sunshine xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoox


  2. Oh no! I am so sorry about the Gouda. Good to hear that the bacon and blueberries helped, though. I hope that the relative normalcy sticks around, and that you find a few more things that are still tasty.


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