The day after chemo

Well, the day was pretty much a write off. I had a low level blechy feeling for most of the morning. After consuming half a bag of saltines I managed to feel sufficiently energized to drag my butt out of bed around 1…..not my best day. I was also reading a really good book so I partially blame the low energy on wanting to finish it!
I did revive enough to head down to the boat for a little fresh air. I was a little worried about motion sickness even though we were at dock but it was okay. I think the grape Popsicle helped.
Next up was my cardiac echo, yeah, an easy one no needles.   There was a slight snag as I was told the appointment was at 4:30, but it was actually at 14:30. Fortunately they were able to fit me after just a few minute wait.
My energy level is a little better now. I should be able to brush my teeth before bed which is always a good sign:)
I’m glad I have a steroid for improved energy. I can’t imagine how I would be without it. Needless to say I am definitely not suffering from restlessness or twitchyness.  Friday could be very interesting when I am off the drug.

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