Chemo Shoes!!!!

My lovely friends Laura and Sarah helped me in my preparations for chemo by doing a little shoe shopping with me.  A new pair of Fluevogs is so important to one’s mental health.

Although, when we stopped at the yummy doughnut shop and the guy behind the counter asked me if the shoes were purchased for a special occasion, I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were for my first day of chemo.

Next up was a little grocery shopping.  I have a ton of information on coping with the side effects of chemo and all the recommended food choices.  Pretty much it meant time to hit SuperStore and buy all sorts of packaged food that we never have in the house.  I admit it, I was kind of excited about the eggos and then we forgot to buy them!  No, I admit it, I forgot them. The shopping list was double sided and I didn’t turn it over. *facepalm*
(that’s for you suzy. But I didn’t think it warranted the double face palm)
It is slightly ironic that I have always eaten fresh, home prepared food because it tastes better and is more healthy yet when I get cancer the books all recommended bland, starchy food.  I just hope my taste buds don’t get destroyed. It is bad enough having cancer, but if my taste buds are harmed during treatment I don’t know what I will do.

I finished up my last toxic chemical free weekend for the next 24 weeks (yes, 24 weeks, that means January 2013) at the Vancouver Yacht Club with Laura, Ian , and Ian. Thanks for a great evening and hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to do it again:)

So, Monday is the first round of chemo. I have promised an update by 5 pm. If I haven’t posted anything by then you can fight amongst yourselves to decide who gets to call.

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