A Haircut & A Bone Scan

On Thursday, I visited my fabulous friend Keetah for a pre-chemo haircut.  My oncologist recommended I cut my hair as it supposedly makes it a little easier to cope with the hair loss if you start with short hair.
I haven’t had hair this short in 25 years so it is an adjustment but I am doing my best to channel my inner Katie Holmes.  Now if only I could have her paycheque!

Friday was bone scan day.  A bone scan is not for the faint of heart or the claustrophobic.  It starts out okay, one little 25 gauge needle injection to make me radioactive, and then I wait.  Two hours later the pictures are done.
I lie on a fairly narrow bed with a pillow for my head and behind my knees.  Not bad so far.  Then they add a couple of supports for my arms…..still okay.  Then the tech puts my feet in a pigeon toed position and tapes them in place.  That was weird.  And then I am told not to move.  Uh huh, right.
Next up the bed gets positioned and two large plates, marked low radiation high resolution with a little X in the middle, are moved into place.  One plate is under me, the other above me.  Each plate is about 2 feet by 2 feet.
I am warned that the top plate will get very close to me but to not worry as the plate has a sensor so it won’t actually touch.  O-K, but, the machine is made by Siemens, I know their sensors aren’t always perfect.  The plate gets closer and closer to my face, it’s about an inch a way and it seems to stop then it jerks down a bit more and then a bit more.  I was really beginning to suspect that sensor may not be work and then it stops.
So then, I have to lie there with my feet taped together, a plate half an inch from my face and NOT move, and then the tech says she is leaving the room for a minute.  All I can think is that when she comes back all she will find is a Sheryl pancake.
After a few minutes the bed starts to move and eventually my head is out from under the plate.  From that point on, no problem.

Friday evening I got to see all my pals from St. Paul’s and have a couple drinks (don’t tell anyone, alcohol can cause cancer you know, I don’t want to sprout a second head or anything).  It was so wonderful to see everyone, I’ve missed you guys!!
Your support, prayers, and thoughts mean so much to both me and Ian.

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